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Still no English version...

I know its not a mandatory thing, but having an app only available in Dutch in a country with so many expats using their services, Vodafone could make an effort for this category of customers and make an English version available. How hard can it be? 12-year old kids make apps in 5 languages all the time here...

Great, but...

The app is awesome and easy. The biggest issue is that it doesnt have English language option

No english?

Why cant you get this app in English? Feeling annoyed!

False advertising

Says English under Languages in app description but the entire app is in Dutch. Its seriously not hard to add the English language. Ffs


After the last update payment by card doesnt work.

Not working anymore

If I login with my email it says I need to use my phone number. If I login with my phone number it says I need to use my email. Great...

Good App that doesnt work!

[Update for 4.7.0] In line with the pattern, the newest version is even worse. Upon upgrading now I cant log in at all. Thanks Vodafone! Another great implementation! [Previous version] The design and idea of the app is great, however the back-end rarely works. It is very unusual not to get the message that it is not working or cant connect right now. I have had the app for almost 2 months now. It is rediculous and a complete waste.


why cant one app support multiple countries? ok, just cuz. ok, why dont u hav apps for ALL countries? ok, just cuz. ok, why dont u hav apps for more thn 4 countries? youre an intl company, yes?

Dont recharge

-1 star pls dont recharge by that app

App does not work!

Cant login. Cant register. In the store it says it is in English but when downloaded it is in Dutch. Here is no way to select language. I can not log in with my Italian number. Please fix.

Last class ....service

9723842107....My problems r start 2015 ....we many time trying to Saying that but no solution in 23/3/2016 ...... Its a very very hurt network 2g/3G .....very very bed service and network........its your down time ..... U can do something but no one trying that

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